People told us building a home would be really stressful – actually for us it was the opposite, not at all stressful, lots of fun and we loved it. There were never any problems or dramas.   We looked at a few builders, what made us decide to go with Ant and Clarke Construction was Ant’s flair.  He had great ideas including money saving ones and he really thought about what we wanted.  He was on our wavelength.  His understanding of plans is amazing and he suggested really good changes and we are so pleased we listened; we were included throughout the whole process.  His attention to detail and craftsmanship is fantastic; they have made such a wonderful job. He has a great team working with him.  In terms of timeliness, he said we would be in our house by August, and we were, and under budget.  How often do you hear that about a builder?  We couldn’t ask for better than that.  Our home is so much more than we ever imagined. 

Jenny & Christo Saggers

We were looking for a builder to renovate our home.  What made us choose Clarke Construction was we immediately felt Ant was on our wavelength.  So much so we didn’t tender the work.
 We are so happy with what Ant and his team have done for us, we just love our home.  The communication throughout the whole renovation process was outstanding.  We knew what was coming up and what decisions we needed to make a month out which kept the whole project timely and we felt included all the way.  Little things that Ant picked up that we didn’t see have made all the difference.  He could look at the plans and see a minor discrepancy that would have had a major impact on the build and so was able to discuss it with us and alter it to suit what we wanted.  He also offered practical advice that saved us money.  The best thing was we trusted him implicitly, if he had to make a call we knew that it would have been in our best interests, how reassuring is that?
We cannot recommend him highly enough, not only was the work top notch his understanding of what we wanted was spot on we always felt he put us first.

Lindsay Parkinson & Pip Rose

First up we have to say that Ant is family.  However we have built a number of houses and used many other builders so our experience is not one eyed.
This build was a pleasure, it was far from stressful, we have to say there was not a cross word spoken, which I suppose when you take into account we are related that is pretty amazing!
Everything was done to the letter and in a timely manner, and we are very happy.  Anthony’s ability to read plans and see things we would never pick up is a huge plus.  He offered well thought out advice, taking into account what we wanted, and also gave us very good cost saving ideas. And everything was been signed off and all boxes ticked before we moved in which has not always been our experience with other builds.
What was a real joy was the pride the team took in their work; they were excited about building our house.  It was a real pleasure to come on site every day, we never felt unwelcome.  One guy from the building team even asked to bring his family in to show them the house he was that enthusiastic about it, - that gave us a real buzz!
Recently Clarke Construction picked up a pretty good award for this house, we are quite private people we certainly weren’t after awards, but we are so pleased for Ant and Sarah and the team, they really deserve this.  We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Bruce McRae & Heather Gray
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