New Homes

Building a quality, contemporary new home you can afford

Here at Clarke Construction, we believe it is possible to build homes of excellence in design and finish at a reasonable cost. We apply our extensive knowledge to incorporate the use of innovative techniques and building materials to match your design and provide you a home that fits your vision and your budget. 

Our experienced builders will help you choose the right materials and advise you where to make changes so that you can achieve everything you need from your home within your budget, without compromising the standard of finish. We build to a high standard of workmanship to provide a professional quality finish that will last.

Clarke Construction will work with you and your designer right from the beginning, and maintain good communication every step of the way throughout the building project. Our hands-on project management approach means we control and coordinate each stage of the build. We also provide a comprehensive plan with key decision-making timelines for all those choices you need to make along the way so that no decision is left to the last minute.

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